The 10 Most Common Things People Do Right After Sex

In an ideal world, the post-coital cuddle would be a non-negotiable (much feels, very romance). 

But in reality, the aftermath of sex is more like:

Which is why we were intrigued to find out that 36 per cent of Americans have a certain routine they stick to once they’ve done the deed. And while it’s clear many of us do love to lie in a pool of sweat and bask in the glow of a mind-blowing O, others, erm…not so much.

Check out how your bedroom habits measure up (courtesy of these findings from a OnePoll/PureRomance survey):

1. Cuddle

74 per cent like to squeeze in a quick skin on skin sesh (nawwww, QTs).

2. Watch TV or a movie

Nearly half of those surveyed prefer to turn on the telly (hey, the new season of Black Mirror ain’t gonna watch itself).

3. Hydrate

48 per cent said they often need to replenish lost bodily fluids. Yeah, we’ll let that sink in a little.

4. Get dressed

V practical, but probably necessary.

5. Spoon

It’s the world’s favourite sex position for a reason, ppl. But also, doesn’t this count as cuddling?

6. Nothing – just lay there.

Seems awkward but OK.

7. Deep, Meaning full conversations

A lot of people said they like to “talk sh*t” after sex – be it politics or the meaning of life.

8. Make food

Considering the average woman burns 69 calories during sex, consider the increase in appetite warranted.

9. Order takeout

PSA: there’s legit a vibrator that orders pizza as soon as you’ve reached a climax on the market (thank us later, would ya.)

10. Go on social media

14 per cent reach for their phone as soon as they roll apart. Romantic? Not so much. Productive? Abso-f*cken-lutely.

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