Soft drinks and bustle of cholesterol level in the height

Who consumed every day sugary drinks that has fat, according to a study by Tufts University in Massachusetts have a greater risk for elevated blood values. For fruit juices and artificially sweetened drinks, this connection is not revealed.

In adults who had drunk in the past few years, every day at least one sugared drink, compared to people who consumed only rarely do soft drinks, a 98 percent higher probability of poor blood fat levels. They had both a lower level of the "guten" HDL-cholesterol, as well as a 53 percent higher probability for a high triglyceride value. Both diseases are risk factors for heart. Changes in LDL-cholesterol were not observed.

In the case of measurements in the interval of four years, showed, also, that these values moved at all the people who drank daily sugar-containing drinks, in the wrong direction, even if they were still in the normal range. The study author Nicola McKeown concludes from the results: "A nutritional strategy to maintain a healthier cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood could be to avoid drinks with added sugar."

Water is the gesündeste Getränk

In the case of fruit juices with 100 per cent salary and diet fruit drinks with Sugar substitutes, no indication of changes in the blood fat were found C-values. Nevertheless, the researchers recommend a moderate consumption: "We are better advised in order to quench our thirst with water. Diet drinks should only occasionally enjoyed werden", McKeown said. And fruit juice it is best to limit the consumption and eating entire fruits.