Man’s big belly saved his life by cushioning him in horror stair fall

A man claims his big belly saved his life when he tumbled down a flight of stairs.

Tubby Colin Hayes says his life was saved by his big belly after he fell down the steps.

The grandfather-of-four tumbled down 15 steps at a pub and suffered three bleeds to his brain. But doctors said he would probably be dead if not for his flab.

Colin, 61, who weighed 19 stones at the time of the fall at The Christopher Creeke Wetherspoon pub in Bourne-mouth, believes his padding cushioned his landing. He said: “I don’t remember ­anything about the fall.

“But after I came round in hospital the doctors told me that had I been slimmer I would probably be dead.w

“It was my stomach that got in the way and stopped me falling straight on my head. I think without my big belly it could have been much worse as I would have hit the ground at full pelt. My weight probably saved my life. I’ve lost over two stones since the accident as I’m still overweight.”

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Colin is the third person to suffer a fall at the pub in the last eight months. A spokesman for JD Wether-spoon said no defects were found on the stairs.

Spokesman Eddie Gershon said: “A company representative has met with environmental health officers from Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council.

“This was in order to review the stairs which lead down to the gents’ toilets at the pub.

“They stated that in their opinion no offences had been committed, and therefore no enforcement action was required as there was no risk to the public.

“This means that no defects were found on the stairs, with the hand rail or in the level of light.”

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