Radical opponents are not the Problem

With regard to the measles, Germany has missed its target. Since 2015, the pathogen should be eradicated, so it was agreed with the world health organization. The reality, however, had other plans. Ironically, in 2015, Germany experienced the largest outbreak in the past ten years, in Berlin alone more than a thousand people ill. Alone to the refugees, it was not, by the way.

Also this year, the highly contagious infected the Virus already hundreds. So that must now be brought to an end. A vaccination is supposed to fix it, enshrined in law, fines for unruly parents and daycare exclusion included. Finally, you might think. The only catch is: The plans will pass on the actual Problem.

Opponents: it is only loud, not many

Yes, there are opponents in Germany. People, the conspiracy theories of attachments and their children deprived of a potentially life-saving syringe. However, they constitute only a tiny, albeit very loud group. This is the vaccination rates of School clearly show.

The Robert Koch Institute estimated that in 2017 achieved nationwide 97.1 percent of the children at the time of their Enrolment to the first measles vaccination. This rate is enough to have the measles in Germany to exterminate, completely without obligation. A prerequisite would be that all of the 97 percent received the second measles vaccination.

And here lies the Problem, because so far under this follow-up remained vaccinations too often. To change this, are vaccination campaigns in schools, the better way. A legal obligation only increases the risk that opponents get a boost. Surveys from Europe show that the scepticism of the syringe in countries where vaccination is particularly large, a higher vaccination Coverage is not achieved.

Also, Minister of health, Jens Spahn must ask whether fines from € 2500 to parents of education can change the minds of children, full of Conviction act. Hardly, if you can afford it. Radical opponents can not force. Are you looking for the loopholes and draw the other.

Young adults: overlooked the main problem

In addition, the proposed duty is an important group ignored: Almost half of the Patients in 2018 were young adults. “This indicates the large gaps in these age groups,” said Lothar Wieler, President of the Robert Koch Institute and called for an official government recommendation, to the memory of: All Born in 1970, and should not be to ‘catch up’ measles vaccination, if you know your vaccination status or vaccination with no or only a vaccination is indicated.

Ever heard of that? No? Just. For many people, measles is still a childhood disease, you may feel the debate is not addressed. Here education would help, the cover Letter of the health insurance funds and invitations, the certificate of vaccination with a doctor to go through.

Only when adults are enlightened, when all the children have easy access to vaccines in schools and also the result is nothing, should be a vaccination the last resort. Until then, it runs especially risk, to encourage a small group, which is already too much belonging to the opponents. Because you, obviously, will be the new regulation even louder.

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