Protein Pudding is popular, but necessary, he is not. The experts advise instead

Protein bread and Protein Pudding: The market for extra protein-rich products is growing. What were looking for used to be only bodybuilders for muscle building has become a Trend in supermarkets and discounters. It seems to many to be enough protein with a protein food that is rich in. Especially special milk products benefit. You can advertise with hardened women and men.

The magazine “Vice” ranting and raving a few years ago: “to just Listen to a conversation among men around 20, and I bet that you come to speak at the latest after a couple of minutes to your daily amount of Protein.”

The beginning of the wave of the industry had according to connoisseurs, like so much in diet in Scandinavia. A pioneer of the Swedish-Danish dairy cooperative Arla (“Arla Protein was therefore”). Ehrmann, one of the largest dairies in Germany which launched about two years ago, its product line of “High Protein”. Five pudding varieties, six of yogurt and yogurt drinks in the meantime.

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Protein pudding – a symbiosis of pleasure and health?

This spring, more fruity Drinks, Kefir and more new products are coming on the market, says product management Director Susanne Bagaméry. “‘I can snack on and not have to whip myself, but it’s also functional, has less fat and is lower in calories’ is the statement of many customers for these products,” says Bagaméry. “Many women eat Protein-chocolate pudding as a meal.” As a kind of Lifestyle product, it combines the enjoyment and health. And it is also lactose -, sugar-and gluten-free.

Ehrmann got his protein enriched Pudding 2017, first in Northern Europe. In Finland and Sweden, there have been a lot of positive feedback. 2018, you have then at first, only a few supermarkets in Germany, the Pudding in the shelves. Even if the High-Protein Pudding is a lot more expensive than the classic Pudding, the paragraph. Now, Ehrmann sell with the Protein Pudding is already about a third of the amount of his Grand-Dessert-Puddings, the German market leader, according to Bagaméry.

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Protein-rich foods also markets the brand of food spring, which is now in twelve countries , including Germany and Austria, and was founded in 2013. “The core target audience of food spring includes 18 – to 34-year-old athletes, fitness enthusiasts and all those who want to pay attention to a healthy diet,” says the company in Berlin. Best selling Whey Protein, a whey protein is.

More and more people discovered the benefits of a protein-emphasized diet for muscle building, body fat reduction, sporting success and physical performance. “The knowledge about and the factor that protein a long time filling, make it so popular.”

Protein bread with extra calories

The Stiftung Warentest was dedicated recently in their magazine “test” (issue 2/2020) the theme of “High-Protein products” and checked 13 of them, including bread, Pudding, and Skyr. In the case of Skyr is a type of low-fat, high-protein fresh cheese. Claims such as “high in protein” or “protein-rich” are allowed to carry food according to EU law, therefore, when at least 20 percent of energy comes from proteins. The specification met all 13 products – for example, because they were specially treated with milk protein. Some of the products were, according to the Foundation, but calories-rich as its counterpart without the Extra protein, first and foremost, the protein bread, come what particularly fat Oilseeds such as sesame or flax seed.

The conclusion of the “Stiftung Warentest” was “skimmed quark is cheaper and provides a similar amount of protein as protein-enriched milk products. Meat, fish, legumes, nuts and seeds are good sources of protein.”

And the Federal centre for nutrition (BZfE) is even clearer: “For most healthy people, it makes little sense to eat protein-enriched products, because they are adequately supplied with protein. In addition, food with added protein are not automatically healthier. They often contain a lot of fat or sugar, and/or various additives. Therefore, it is recommended to look carefully at the list of ingredients, what is in the product.”

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