Penis: What do women find the Penis really nice

Size, shape, hairstyle to be the ideal Penis to obtain, so that women find him handsome? This is a question many men. A recent study answered now. You have to guess which square the length of the penis ends up?

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  • The study surveyed 105 women on the basis of optical criteria of evaluation.
  • One of the participants chose the overall impression.
  • The “length of Penis” ends up much further back.

Actually, the study of the University children’s hospital Zurich has a serious Background: The researchers wanted to find out, what is the effect of a surgical intervention in the case of a hypospadias has on the subsequent optics. A hypospadias is a congenital urethra deformity. Many men make the surgical correction more concerned about her appearance. For no reason, as the scientists found out now, because the women could hardly tell the difference.

The overall impression is one

The specialist magazine “Journal of Sexual Medicine” published results of the study to answer General questions about the Aesthetics of the male gender part. 105 women at the age of 16 to 45 years of age assessed on the basis of photos from different perspectives of 20 men’s penises. The researchers defined optical criteria, the women rated on a scale.

“Length of the Penis” is only on place six

The questionnaires provided a clear result: The most important thing is for women to”General cosmetic appearance”, so the overall impression. A restrained statement in contrast to the places two to eight:

Course two: “the apparition of pubic hair” – Interesting in this case: For young women was a shave that is normal, the older participants felt shaved genital areas rather than funny, reports Norma Ruppen-Greeff, one of the researchers of the study, in "Blick".

Place three parts of two criteria: in addition to “properties of the skin to” pay attention women, when it comes to size, the “diameter of the Penis”.

Fifth place in the ranking is occupied by the “shape of the glans penis” , and only in sixth place comes the “length of the Penis”.

The criterion “Aesthetics of the scrotum” lands at number seven and the least most important feature was that women in the “urethra mouth”.