Maria Poroshina made the confession about the father of her child

The story of a star of Russian TV series, actress Maria Poroshina, is haunted by the press and the public. Recently sources reported that the actress is pregnant by her partner on the stage of Yaroslav Boyko, a married man and father of a family. Discouraged by the flurry of publications on this topic, the actress rushed to dot the i.

A few weeks ago it became known that the 44-year-old actress Maria Poroshina, pregnant with their fifth child,divorced her husband, actor Ilya by Trinovum, after 17 years of marriage. Shortly afterwards, the press began to circulate rumors that the real father of the baby Mary is a well-known artist Yaroslav Boyko, a duet with actress who works in theatre and film.

Tired of the pesky rumors, Maria Poroshina decided to speak about it on Instagram. She asked the fans not to worry about her situation. Poroshina noticed that today she “except for forced divorce by Ilya Drevnov all just and desirable.” At the same time, the actress said that she would like to be able to not go into the details of his personal life, so they do not become public.

Maria Poroshina touched upon the exciting question of all – who really is the father of her unborn child (rumored to be actress waiting for the long-awaited boy)?

“I’m waiting for the son from a loved one! My partner in the entreprise Yaroslav Boyko to my motherly happiness that we share with our father of the future heir to two countries – he lives outside Russia, any relation has no” – said the actress.
Poroshina stressed that with the family of Yaroslav Boyko it is associated exclusively friendly relations – the actors know each other from student days. However, many members believe that the actress is hiding the truth, trying to protect from the gossip with her married colleague, actor.

Recall that in marriage with llya Trinovum actress gave birth to three daughters: Seraphim, Agrippina and aid. Also she has a daughter Polina from his first marriage with Gosha Kutsenko.

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