How the brain stimulates the desire for fat food

Researchers from the Max-Planck-Institute for metabolism research in Cologne have found a clue to the fact that obesity may arise in your head: you have identified specific nerve cells, the activation of rich increases the desire for fat food.

The scientists have identified in the brains of mice, special nerve cells, the so-called Nozozeptin neurons, which are likely to be instrumental in the onset of obesity. They are located in the Hypothalamus, the Supreme regulation of the centre for many important body functions such as breathing, circulation, body temperature, sexual behavior, and fluid and food intake. When the researchers stimulated these cells in a targeted manner, began the mice to overeat with fat-rich feed.

Researchers can trick the brain

Also a calorie-rich diet was to the effect: "Three days fat diet rich in sufficient to increased activity of Nozizeptin neurons demonstrate " Alexander Jais, first author of the study said. The Nozizeptin were removed neurons, ate the animals just as much as you actually needed, and also no fat preferred forage more, but prefer normal food.

The researchers assume that the individual activity of these nerve cells could be the cause for why some people only eat as much as you need and stay lean, to fat while others – and carbohydrate-rich foods grab and finally, overweight and obese are.