HIV: funds are now paying the prophylaxis

From 1. September, the HIV prevention PrEP is a performance of the statutory health insurance funds. In people with elevated HIV-risk, you assume the cost of the drug and the necessary accompanying examinations. It regulates the appointment and service and supply act (TSVG).

In the case of HIV prevention PrEP is a preventive taken a drug prior to infection, protects. "The introduction of PrEP as the Fund performance is a milestone for HIV prevention: A further possibility to protect themselves against HIV, it is easier to access – regardless of the purse. Now it’s about all of the PrEP know you need, and that sufficient appropriate practices stehen&quot available;, Björn Beck by the management Board of the German AIDS help (DAH) says. The DAH is that the prophylaxis is to prevent in the next few years, many Thousands of HIV-infections in Germany. This will also save the health system a lot of money.

What Ädoctors dümay PrEP prescribe?

The PrEP may prescribe on a checkout prescription currently only Doctors that specialize in HIV or in any other way, a corresponding qualification can demonstrate. HIV doctors you can find, for example, on the side of the German Association of practicing Physicians in the care of HIV-Infected, as well as the site

Für who is recommended to the PrEP?

The German-Austrian guidelines recommend PrEP for people from 16 years of age with increased risk of HIV. These include:

  • Men who have Sex with men (MSM), and transgender individuals have had in the last three to six months anal intercourse without a condom and/or expected in the next few months anal intercourse without a condom have to be
  • MSM and transgender people in the last twelve months, a sexually transmitted disease
  • Partners of people with HIV, HIV-therapy, in which the HIV-therapy is not right acts, or in which the HIV-therapy, not for at least six months acts
  • People who have Sex without a condom with a Partner, is where undiagnosed HIV infection is likely
  • Inject drugs people who use non-sterile injection best corner

What exactly is PrEP?

In the case of PrEP, HIV-negative people taking HIV medication with two active ingredients and are thus protected from infection. The drug prevents the Virus in the cells of the body, if it comes to a contact. For some people, who are not protected always against HIV, PrEP is a very good protection option, because it is independent of the behavior. Unlike condoms, passion, noise, or Fears can lead to the application remains under. Most people tolerate the medication well.

The PrEP is not intended to replace other means of protection, however, but is to be avoided according to the DAH, one of the three methods available today, when Sex is an HIV Transmission to. The other two are condoms and the protective effect of HIV therapy, also preventing the Transmission of HIV.

Important: PrEP protects against HIV but not against other sexually transmitted diseases. In the context of the PrEP supply routine Tests for other sexually transmitted infections are therefore important.


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