Flexible start of School makes for better sleep

Lack of sleep among adolescents is a worldwide Problem and increases the risk for metabolic disorders and depression. At a school in Aachen has now been tested, see if a flexible school is the beginning as the antidote. The students slept as a result, although not for much longer, but their sleep quality improved, which had a positive effect on your well-being and concentration.

At a high school in Aachen high school students can decide for themselves whether or not they appear in the first or second hour in school. Chrono, Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich have found that this has a positive effect on your sleep and the learning experience. biologists What nobody had expected: The students made of the newly gained freedom of relatively little use, and missed the first hour, on average, only twice per week.

On these days, they slept a good hour longer than usual, increased sleep is the total duration of the students, however, is not significant. Nevertheless, they were very pleased with the model and reported to have slept better, and the teaching material in the school to focus better.

Schüler genießthe freedom

"Perhaps the ability to decide freely and not to be the dictates of the alarm clock delivered to lösen&quot to many nodes is enough;, Eva Winnebeck, Ludwig-Maximilians-University, said. The authors of the study come to the conclusion that flexible systems can be a viable Alternative to improve the sleep of adolescents.

The flexible school start is possible, because the students need to develop in the framework of the phases of the project parts of the course material independently, what are the hours of ten hours per week &ndash are provided; half of it is in the first hour. Who can you be, you must rework the content during the day or in leisure time.