Fireplaces: tips against fine dust

Fireplaces and Stoves are used in many German living rooms in the Winter for warmth and coziness. However, they have also side effects, which affect the health in a negative way: especially fine dust is a Problem.

The operation of a fireplace – or stoves in addition to other heating systems is very popular in Germany. According to Figures from the professional Association of the energy and water industry in the year 2015, the second heat in about a quarter of all dwellings in Germany, the producers present. Be fired, this is often with wood logs or Pellets, which in case of combustion, however, pollutants such as fine dust. These very small particles may penetrate the air in the lungs and health problems.

Fine dust is a burden on the whole Köbody

"Fine dust particles get into the lungs, can already strengthened existing allergies or asthmatic attacks triggered werden", Dr. Utta Petzold, a Physician at the health insurance company Barmer declared. In addition, fine dust may strain the cardiovascular System and lead to Bronchitis, and he is suspected to cause cancer. The small particles may even be in the bloodstream and distributed to all organs, even the brain. Even a connection between particulate matter and neurological diseases such as dementia will be examined.

Only dry wood to use

"Health risks can be minimized by the stove in a professional manner wird&quot fired;, Petzold says. Belong to use only the natural and very dry wood. Otherwise, the Smoke is very strong and there is a lot of ash. "This can be best done with a so-called wood-moisture measuring device to measure, the for example, it is cheap at the hardware store gibt", Petzold advises. An investigation could show that the fine-dust-doubled output of timber with a residual moisture content of 25 percent is burned, in comparison to wood with a residual humidity of 14 percent.

But the right Lighting can help keep the amount of fine dust in the air is low. To do this, you should burn the wood from the top, the Anzündhölzer not under the logs of wood, but with a lighter place on top. First, if this first lot of wood burns well, is added and then the oxygen supply is reduced. In addition, it is useful to keep the stove regularly by professionals wait in order to keep the burden from fine dust is as low as possible.

Especially old wood-burning stoves emit high amounts of fine dust. What many do not know: There is a limit value for fine dust for heating systems fired with solid fuels such as wood logs, Pellets or coal. If required, must be able to demonstrate furnace owners even, that this value is not exceeded, otherwise, the oven must be renewed or a dust filter can be retrofitted.


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