Elena Proklova was impressed by the output in the mini

After the composer and singer Igor Nikolaev issued a joint picture with the anniversary of Elena Proklova, it was clear that the actress does not intend to take positions in the struggle for the youth.

The other day Elena Proklova otmetilis 65th anniversary. A longtime fan of the talent of the actress Igor Nikolayev placed in the account fotoblog frame in which movie star posing in a daring mini. The set little black dress Proklova chose stilettos.

Alas, after a complimentary recognition of acting talent Elena Proklova, which the artist left in social networks under the picture, there were a lot of hard opinions from the online audience. This criticism boiled down to the fact that the actress “forgotten age” and it is better not to pretend to be a girl, the seventh of ten years.

However, the spectacular appearance of Helena and found their fans, rightly noticed that the actress has every right to dress as she likes, especially because she’s good to look younger than their years.

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