Covid-19: anti-inflammatory reduces the mortality rate

A preliminary study from the United Kingdom gives us hope in the fight against Covid-19: The anti-inflammatory drug dexamethasone increased the chance of Survival for severely ill patients, the researchers from the University of Oxford reports.

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The results of the as yet not to publish the study are promising. According to Professor Dr. Peter Horby of the Oxford University dexamethasone is the first drug ever to show a survival benefit in Covid-19. Particularly positive was that the drug was available and inexpensive, and thus immediately can be used to save lives around the world. For patients who are dependent on artificial ventilation or oxygen supply, should dexamethasone be the scientists according to a standard therapy.

For the study, 2.104 Covid were given to 19 patients with a severe course in addition to the standard treatment for ten days, 6 milligrams of dexamethasone per day – either orally or administered intravenously. As a control group 4.321 patients who received only the standard treatment were used. Was analyzed the mortality rate within a period of 28 days.

From the additional dexamethasone-administration, particularly for patients who were artificially ventilated or on oxygen were in need benefited. In comparison to the control group, the mortality declined for a third or a fifth. Any Benefit the drug had, however, in the case of those patients got along without ventilator assistance. The mortality rate in the control group was also dependent on whether the patients were artificially ventilated, whether they received oxygen or whether you got along without ventilator assistance. In the first group the mortality rate was 41 percent, in the second at 25 per cent and in the third at 13 percent.


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