Christmas depression: If the holidays are not happy and what can help

The Christmas Season. In Film, television, and advertising is sold to us as something Comfortable, as a time of Contemplation, the warmth, the love and the family. But the reality is often quite different: the Stress, because the gifts are all still worried or you have the entire family in over Christmas. Stress, because you have to take an Odyssey to get to the family. Quarrels with the family, or loneliness hit on our mind. In the worst case, it could lead to collapse and even physical, experts warn.

Researchers at the University of Göttingen came as early as 2015 in a study to the conclusion that many Europeans, Christmas feel, rather than onerous and stressful time: “In General, survey participants who were interviewed during the Christmas season, significantly worse voted and less satisfied with their lives than the people who had been surveyed at other times of the year,” the study said.

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Devout Christians less Stress plagued

An exception is people of faith: “Christians are, however, especially those who classify themselves as “very religious”, are set in the pre-Christmas phase of the positive and more satisfied with their lives,” says Professor Mutz, one of the conductors of the study. The well-being will be influenced in the case of Christians in this time is less negative than Non-Christians.

Many people perceived lack of quality of life and emotional well-being go back, according to the study on the pre-Christmas hustle and bustle and the growing focus on material consumption, which go hand in hand with the Christmas season. “Many feel stressed by the pressure, in time to buy gifts and with the holidays, social obligations to meet. Financial Worries are often perceived as an additional burden,” said Mutz. Christian people would act in the run-up to Christmas, however, is less materialistic and consumption.

But not only is Stress a factor. The Online program “Selfapy”, which offers help for mental health problems, it is not called a high pressure of expectations as a Problem: “Our pursuit of the ‘perfect’ Christmas, ends in the proverbial shambles, because we make us and our Loved ones to much pressure. There is a repressed conflict that raged for weeks under the surface that can explode, also the happy times during Christmas,” reads the website of the “Selfapy”. Also, the conflicting desires of the partners or the family to be explosive.

The dark Season of the year, aggravated the Concerns

Strife and Stress are the a page. However, some people plagues to the holidays, the loneliness, if you spend this time alone at home. For people who already feel like lonely, is the loneliness this time, again particularly evident. “Memories of the past times, spent the Holy night, maybe even with family or partners, to be awake, and to cause sadness or negative feelings”, so “Selfapy”. Affected be sad and withdraw, the Oberberg clinics, a network of specialist clinics.

In addition, in the Winter it still beats emotional. The darkness, the cold and the wet weather beat on the mind. The depressive symptomatology, which is characterized by a lack of drive or lack of pleasure characteristic, come Christmas time, increasingly to the fore. You speak then of Christmas depression, the Online help program.

However, with the end of the holidays it’s not over often. The Oberberg clinics indicate that many people fall at the beginning of the new year in a mental hole. This call also as a “relief of depression”. Women in particular are affected, since these would cater mostly to the organization of the Festival. “Comparable to Christmas is an important exam that has been brilliantly mastered, in consequence of the high payouts due to Hormone – but not really like setting. This leads to irritation and brings to Pondering”, so the clinics on its website.

Tips to fight Stress and Christmas depression

The clinics report that to the Christmas days, people are increasingly with problems of crisis aid would apply. That the suicide rate increases to Christmas, was not statistically proven but. After the holidays and the beginning of the new year you will still be well above average.

But what can be done to Stress and Depression at Christmas to prevent? And what if you’re already in the middle of? Here are a few tips:

Help the phone offers pastoral care. It is anonymous, free-of-charge and round-the-clock 0 800 / 111 0 111 and 0 800 / 111 0 222 accessible. A consultation via E-Mail. A list of Federal-aid stations can be found on the page of the German society for suicide prevention.

Sources: University Of Göttingen, “Selfapy”, Oberberg Clinics, Beautiful Clinics

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