Brite monkey pox ill – but what is it exactly?

In the UK a Person is a pox on the rare Monkey Virus cancer – a disease that resembles the extinct smallpox. The Person is currently being treated in a London specialist hospital, according to British health authority “Public Health England” (PHE) in a message. The infection was likely to take place during a visit to Nigeria. For more details about the Person – such as gender or age is not called the authority.

“Monkey pox virus does not spread easily among humans, and the risk for the General population is very low,” says Meera Chand, a microbiologist at the PHE. Nevertheless, under which persons were in close contact with the Patients and monitor them if necessary. This includes all the passengers of the aircraft, in which the diseased Person from Nigeria, travelled to the UK. All affected passengers are being contacted.

Rodents and monkeys as Vectors

The disease occurs sporadically in Central and West African countries and is transmitted by close contact with infected animals, for example, their blood and other body fluids, according to the world health organization WHO. Monkeys, giant rats, and squirrels, are considered to be possible Carriers of the disease. People can be infected, for example, by eating undercooked meat of infected animals.

Also a human to human Transmission is via droplet infection, in principle, possible. As a particularly vulnerable people, the Sufferers have long and close contact to, for example, family members living in the same household.

In most cases, the disease runs a mild and heals within a few weeks. Infection initially manifests with fever, head and muscle aches, chills and swollen lymph nodes. In the next step, can form a rash, which starts first on the face and on other parts of the body spread.

Monkey pox-cases outside of Africa

Monkey pox usually cause milder symptoms than smallpox, which have applied since 1980 to have been eradicated. However, the disease can be deadly. In outbreaks in Africa it was observed that about one to ten percent of Patients die. Especially children are at risk.

It is not the first Time that the Virus was detected outside the African continent. Already in September of 2018, a monkey was a smallpox case in the United Kingdom has become known. In the spring of 2003, several of US are suffering from citizens to monkey pox, after they had dogs in close contact with Prairie. The Prairie dogs were infected African rodents with the Virus, which had previously been in the USA imported.

Sources: Public Health England (PHE) / World Health Organization (WHO)

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