Alcohol and anabolics. Ex-producer Sergei Zhukov betrayed the secret of the disease

In early August it became known that the permanent soloist of group “Hands up!” Sergei Zhukov was in the hospital with serious health problems since announced the cancellation of their performances. Appearing on the Network, the actor spoke about held him, and that he stopped to heal the wounds.

The causes of the deteriorating health of the singer, then, to announce not. But the former producer Andrey Malikov admitted that the soloist of “Hands up!” had not the most healthy habits in the early career of Zhukov, not only worked hard, but rested to the fullest. All this could not affect his body.

The producer frankly said that during their joint work of Sergei Zhukov was already a noticeable apparent symptoms of obesity. He hinted that the singer may have had surgery to lose weight.

“I saw that at one time he was a healthy guy, then again, more or less thin. Then gained the weight back. It’s not just happen”, – said Malikov.
In addition, the producer without any equivocation told that the band “Hands up!” was abusing alcohol. Also, according to him, Zhukov took drugs when I got into training in the gym.

“20 years ago “Hands” binge booze! After this foolish hope that health will be good. Plus Serge in his youth ate anabolics, when the “glands” were doing. This was his broken body,” – said Malikov.
Recall that when in the hospital, Sergei Zhukov has posted on his official page in Instagram video in which haggard artist with a tube in my stomach told me that his health failed. According to the musician, even before he had to deal with them, but the need to work and support his family (the singer from two marriages, four children) didn’t leave him time for this. As a result, the body failed.

The former producer of the singer also confirmed that Zhukov “works hard”.