Leprosy will no longer be grounds for a quick divorce

India is going to reform the laws that allow local citizens to use the leper colony as a tool for divorce. Leprosy or leprosy will no longer be a disease comparable to mental disorders, the presence of which is sufficient for a quick divorce.

Human rights activists in India welcomed the government’s decision to reform the archaic laws, which is a leper colony are a great tool for a quick divorce. And those people become outcasts to their own family and friends. The Indian government has approved a law, according to which leprosy or the leprosy will not be considered a disease, equal to mental disorders, the presence of which automatically entitles you to a divorce. It is expected that the government decision is approved by Parliament in the coming months.

Activists have long struggle to change this law, which was enacted over a century ago. It reflects the ancient prejudice against leprosy, despite the fact that this disease is curable for many decades. Earlier leprosy has always been considered outcasts, they were forced to wear special clothes, the jingling of bells to warn of the approach of others and to live in special places, remote from the dwellings of ordinary people.

Similar rules existed in many other countries, but it was canceled a long time ago right after the leprosy has become a curable disease. India remains one of the few places on Earth where legal discrimination against victims of leprosy exist. Laws allow not only to divorce such people, but generally throw them away from social life, depriving of work, right to education, voting, insurance and even driving. (READ MORE)