The history of John McCain – from fractures to tumors

Deceased U.S. Senator and one of the most famous Russophobes John McCain for many years he suffered from health problems. Journalists have gathered the most recent information about what this politician is most often treated by doctors.

John McCain has lived a long enough life, despite the fact that faced with severe problems, which for many people would be incompatible with life. My detailed history he presented in 2000 and 2008, when he ran for President. In particular, during the Vietnam war fighter pilot, McCain was struck by a missile. At this point, he broke both hands, with the right in three places and severely broke his right leg in the knee region. After being captured, John McCain was kept there and tortured, according to him, over 5 and a half years (photos McCain in the hospital during the captivity). After that he no longer could walk normally without serious orthopedic care, McCain constantly faced with dizziness. In addition, he could not raise his arms above shoulder level.

Despite the nightmares, John McCain has become a victim of post-traumatic stress disorder, as many veterans of the war. There is no evidence that a long captivity could be the reason for later development of a brain tumor glioblastoma. The main known risk factor of this cancer is prolonged exposure to radiation. However, in 1993, John McCain was faced with a non-invasive melanoma – the most aggressive kind of skin cancer, which often leads patients to death. In August 2000, McCain was diagnosed with a recurrence of melanoma, and this time invasive. With the left temple of the Senator removed a significant amount of skin.

In 2001, McCain revealed inflamed tissue in the prostate area, when he began to urinate blood. More prostate problems the Senator was not. But a few years ago McCain started to have dizziness and headaches. Doctors discovered a blood clot behind the eye. This bunch length of 5 cm was removed after minimally invasive craniotomy through an incision in the region of the eyebrow. When the clot was studied by pathologists, they confirmed that McCain glioblastoma. Only this disease, the vast majority of cases are incurable, were able to break the will to live “iron John”. (READ MORE)