Russian pensioners these pills do not need

Millions of people get statins just in case, as the study showed. These people no way to protect themselves from heart disease and wasting your time.

The results of statins in healthy elderly people is an empty waste of time, as found by the researchers. Observation of 47 000 people older than 75 years showed no evidence that taking statins gives some additional health benefits. The findings of the study do not support massive use of statins, which is recommended by some doctors. Magicforum recalls that these pills are designed to reduce levels of “bad” cholesterol and prevent heart disease.

In the UK all persons over 75 years of age is recommended to take statins, even if they have good health. It is believed that the methodology of primary prevention provides over 10 years, reducing the risk of heart disease by 10%. Experts agree that for people who already have a heart condition or suffer from diabetes, taking statin drugs is saving, but an extract of these drugs to healthy people is absolutely nothing.

For participants in the study, Italian scientists have observed for 6 years. In the group that took statins, the number of heart disease was approximately the same as among those who are these pills not used. Only persons older than 75 years old with type II diabetes, have a real protection from heart disease using statins – in their case, the risk of these diseases decreased by 24%. (READ MORE)