Robots for training of doctors from Russia impressed the world

British journalists write that Russia has been the release of the creepy robots, simulators, very similar to humans. They can bleed, urinate and even scream, but their main goal is the training of health personnel.

The whole plant in Russia engaged in the production of eerie in appearance of robots dolls, which are designed for medical students. These simulations are repeated many human functions, so that doctors and nurses with their help, you feel in different situations. The factory producing these robots is located in Kazan. In particular, puppets can cough, cry, bleed, urinate and even experience seizures. The manufacturer of these devices calls them advanced simulators for health systems, having a “higher standard of realism.”

All these dolls are intended for the education of a new generation of physicians, they must teach them to treat people suffering from various problems, ranging from heart attack and ending with cuts on hands. The construction of these simulators is part of a project of the innovation center “SKOLKOVO”. The main goal is to improve the quality of services provided in emergency departments, where you need to be prepared for any problems. To carry out such training on real patients is not very ethical and efficient. The projected age of these patients of the robot is approximately 40 to 50 years, weight 70 kg and height of 183 cm

The robots can blink, their bodies fluid is released to simulate sweat, blood and tears. They perform very similar to the real movement. Especially realistic is their pulse can be measured in 12 different areas of the body. Lips and fingers of these patients can turn blue, they simulate a variety of types of seizures. Using mannequins, you can experience the most advanced resuscitation equipment and to train in carrying out intubations. (READ MORE)