Hand dryers in hospitals should be banned

Scientists are urging to ban the use of hand dryers in public toilets. It is proven that they carry 5 times more bacteria than paper towels.

Hand dryers should be banned in public toilets, especially in hospitals and other medical institutions, because they are spreaders of bacteria. Researchers from the University of Leeds found that powerful streams of dry air spread dangerous pathogens to areas with terrible force, and then they go on to other people. If you use paper towels the risk of spread of these bacteria is reduced in 5 times, than when you turn on the dryer. Careful tests showed elevated levels of dangerous bacteria in the air and on the surfaces of the areas, which can cause sepsis, pneumonia and gastroenteritis.

Experts in the field of Microbiology to emphasize that the problem starts with people who are not thoroughly wash their hands. Without cleaning hands from bacteria completely, they put them under the powerful stream of dry air. Bacteria soar in atmosphere and can settle on clothes and skin other people who are in the toilet, as well as on different surfaces. If people touch infected surfaces by bacteria, you can get a dose of pathogens. And given the fact that the toilets in the hospitals visited not very healthy for people with weakened immune systems, this kind of contact with bacteria can be deadly.

In contrast, paper towels absorb water, and with it the germs that are left on the hands. In addition, these towels are usually thrown into garbage cans, so the risk of infection is minimized. (READ MORE)