People want to know more about the pills that they are stuffed

A new study has shown that patients want to know more about the medications they take. Moreover, long-term medication is more emotional stress for young people than for older.

If you believe the results of a recent survey, patients would like to have more information on medicinesthat they prescribe. Despite the fact that many drugs are accompanied by very voluminous instructions, which contains a lot of text. Researchers from the University of Kent also found that for young people the need to take regular medications is much more onerous than for older people. However, accepting the maximum number of pills per day people are most worried about the possible side effects.

One in four people who took part in this study, I would like to have more information about the medicines they used. More than half are concerned about long-term side effects, about 11% are not satisfied with the effectiveness of drugs, and from about 10 to 16% agree that they have taken drugs that affect everyday life in a particular way.

30% of survey participants agree that their whole life revolves around medications and only 25% have freedom over whether to take the pill or not take. 16% believe that doctors do not listen to their opinion about the impact of drugs on the body, and 11% believe that physicians are not interested in those side effects that they are experiencing. The result of this survey shows how important it is to General practitioners discuss with their patients the need for acceptance of those or other drugs and those side effects that they can cause. (READ MORE)