Nightmares can just turn off

It is quite possible that soon the nightmares will be “off”. Scientists have discovered genes that control a deep sleep.

A new study has shown that nightmares can be “off”. Scientists have discovered two generesponsible for nightmares and dreams, since both are formed during the phase of deep sleep, also known as the phase of rapid eye movement REM. This phase is observed in mammals, including humans. It is believed that it plays an important role in maintaining health and preserving memories. When researchers have removed two of the genethat cause the REM phase of sleep in mice, then to their surprise they found that these animals continued to live completely normal. Initially, the researchers proceeded from the assumption that REM is critical for survival.

Therefore, we cannot exclude that turning off these genes will not produce any destructive influence on human health. But with this action it will be possible to rid people of nightmares, they encounter too often. The effect of turning off genes has been made by researchers from the University Tokyo due to the genetic modification of mice. These genes encode the chemical neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is released in large quantities at the time of finding mammals in the REM phase of sleep.

After deleting one of the genes in mice was observed shorter and fragmented periods of REM sleep phase, and after removal of the second decreased the total duration of the second phase of a night’s rest. Not having two mouse genes had dreams, but this is absolutely normal there. Meanwhile, earlier science has suggested that the disappearance of this phase of sleep will inevitably lead to death. (READ MORE)