Which is better laser resurfacing or chemical peels?

Today, any woman, and the man can easily get rid of many signs of aging. Moreover different methods of treatment and rejuvenation of the skin very much. Two of the most popular is the laser biorevitalization and chemical peels. Both procedures rejuvenate the skin, exfoliate the top layer of dead cells. They are good in the fight against wrinkles, bumpy skin irregularities, scars and pigmentation. In the process of treatment improves the structure of skin, its tone and General condition.

However, it should be noted that chemical peels are popular for a long time, but the laser resurfacing procedure is relatively new and is used in cosmetics recently. But laser resurfacing, or as it is called biorevitalization, also showed surprisingly good results. That is why many women often ask: “What is better laser resurfacing or chemical peels?” Magicforum found some of the procedures more effective.

Biorevitalization or peeling?

Before you make a choice between biorevitalization and peeling it is necessary to understand the basic concepts and terms.

Chemical peels

The procedure of chemical peeling involves applying and processing of skin with chemical solutions. The quality of the material used can serve as glycolic or lactic acid, phenol, alpha-hydroxy acids or trichloroacetic acid. Under the influence of acids and peeling occurs space. After a certain time (light peeling is performed 10 minutes) the substance is simply washed away. After a deep peel, the physician cosmetologist may prescribe sedatives or painkillers.

Laser biorevitalization

In fact, the word laser in this procedure is an acronym for “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation”. In this case, a technical device emits a focused beam of electromagnetic radiation to certain areas of the skin of hands, face or neck. The skin is anesthetized with local anesthetic. Concentrated beam of light is directed to targeted skin and remove dead skin layers. For once removed one layer. The entire procedure can last from 30 minutes to two hours. After the procedure the skin is applied a soothing mask.


Chemical peeling exfoliates the skin, removes scars and damage caused by tanning or sunburn, straightens wrinkles, lightens uneven pigmentation, treats acne.

Is laser resurfacing effective in treating skin problems such as blemishes, scars, wrinkles and freckles.

Side effects

– Chemical peels can cause side effects, a slight peeling, redness, burning, and swelling of the skin. Please note that not all side effects are serious and do not occur in every case. Many women may feel a mild effect, but sometimes the side effects are intense. About all the possible side effects you should warn before treatment.

– After laser resurfacing can occur itching and redness of the skin. Sometimes there may be an outbreak of acne or a bacterial infection, herpes simplex and hyperpigmentation. Scarring, blisters or Anke can start to bleed. Also within 5 days after treatment, the skin may peel off.

Limitations and contraindications

– After a chemical peel is contraindicated hard physical labor and social activities, at least 7 days. If the procedure includes peeling deep layers of skin, redness may last longer.

– Biorevitalization is not recommended for people with acne, large wrinkles or significant sagging of the skin.

In both procedures, patients are prescribed antibiotics and strict post-operative regime.

The pros and cons of chemical peels and resurfacing

Chemical peeling in some cases, against a permanent or temporary change of skin color can cause hyperpigmentation. It may not suit people with very fair skin. Pregnant women and women taking birth control pills.

Laser resurfacing has a significantly lower risk of hyperpigmentation.

The price of polishing and peeling

Comparing the cost of laser resurfacing and chemical peels, it should be noted that the prices depend on the desired result, the volume of skin lesions and experience of the doctor cosmetologist. Light peeling will naturally cost a little bit cheaper than deep. Not unimportant role in the price plays the status of beauty and geographical location of the client. The price in each case will vary depending on the drug. Besides, do not forget that the price does not include additional costs for anesthesia and other related procedures.

Conclusion on the choice of grinding and peeling

And biorevitalization and peels are outpatient procedures. The doctor himself beautician will recommend you the appropriate treatment after a thorough examination of your skin. Recovery time will depend on the intensity of the problems with the skin, its thickness and the desired end result.

Both of these procedures give good results and are ideal for the treatment of a particular skin problems. We recommend that you are allowed to make a choice the doctor. Only a doctor can accurately decide what is suitable for the condition of your skin best. Since some skin problems are best treated with a laser, and some of the problems enough to clean it. After understanding each treatment option, you can decide what is best suited to your skin. And which way is most convenient for your comfort level.

Overall, both options are ideal for skin rejuvenation and treatment of skin problems. The difference in procedures. You can Express your wishes to the beautician, but it’s better to agree with the choices that you will be offered professional expert. Laser resurfacing or chemical peels. However, you can also ask the specialist for details and to make a choice independently, assessing potential dangers, the pros and cons of these procedures. Importantly, the result was exactly what you expected.

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