New the reason is very long life of people

Allowing people to live much longer compared to primates? Given this issue, Spanish researchers from the Institute of evolutionary biology were able to find a genetic cause to such features, reported Science Alert.

Scientists came to the conclusion that human longevity is ensured by the genes and their variants, whose existence is evolutionary due to the need to leave behind sufficient for reproduction the number of offspring. The survival of the people in the world of nature was due to the constant concern and social contacts, and that’s a long life provided the condition for Homo sapiens is best.

In life expectancy with a man can still compete only two species of macaques. Scientists have identified 25 variants of DNA that has been separately developed in each one of the Trinity. These genes affect the function of the heart and blood vessels, as well as on the processes of blood coagulation and the tendency of the tissues to regenerate, said scientists.

At the same time, scientists emphasize that they discovered factors are not all genetic aspects of human longevity. For their detection will require new research.

Earlier Magicforum wrote that the who representatives predicted the premature death of more than a billion people who today inhabit the planet.