Child with terrible scoliosis conducted a unique operation

Nine-year-old boy became the first in the world, who performed a unique surgery to correct C-shaped spine. Because of a defect of this on the child has pinched easy, and he could barely walk.

Connor Demetriou from West Yorkshire in England became the first patient in the world, which has passed through a unique surgery to correct C-shaped spine. The ridge of the boy’s bent at an impossible angle of 96 degrees, causing one of his lungs was squeezed. For this defect was not able to walk. Surgeons spent 8-hour operation after he was convinced that if the scoliosis is corrected surgically, their little patient’s death at an early age.

It was corrective surgery, during which Connor set 6 uvelichivalas rods parallel to the spine. They were able to adjust curves, but their ability to increase allows to stably support the back of the child as it grows. The procedure was carried out 9 months ago in January of this year, and with it the angle of curvature of the spine, the boy was able to bring to 46 degrees. Due to this, Connor can run, jump and swim.

In adolescence it expects a second operation, which will help to align the spine. The current procedure is revolutionary in its essence, since nothing like that at such young patients had not carried out. Previously this kind of studs it was necessary for the growth of the child each time to be removed from the spine and extend manually, but now used designs, which increase its length automatically. (READ MORE)