In Moscow, operated on a girl with no genitals

21-year-old patient of Moscow surgeons suffered from a rare disorder known as “syndrome of Rokitansky–Kustner–Meyer–Hauser”.

The aforementioned syndrome is a congenital anomaly, for which the typical absence of the uterus and the genital tract. This pathology is long gone unnoticed – often it is manifested only in the age of 15-18 years.

“Syndrome of Rokitansky–Kustner is not dangerous for patients, but seriously reduces their quality of life. The causes of this anomaly are still unclear,” – said doctor Andrew Elephants.
Experts noted that to create a new uterus for patients with a similar syndrome medicine not yet in force, although today there are cases of donor transplants, women the uterus carried out abroad. In this story, the Moscow doctors were able to surgically form a patient with a rare anomaly of the absent vagina. Used to own a fabric young women, namely the inner lining of the abdominal cavity, the so-called pelvic peritoneum.

According to doctors, if the patient wants to become a mother, she will be able to realize their desire by resorting to the IVF procedure and surrogacy. Although pathology has deprived the girl of their own uterus, her ovaries are of normal intelligence and with the production of hormones and there are no problems. Note that an extraordinary operation was carried out by specialists of the branch №2 of oncological clinical clinic №1 of the Moscow health Department.

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