A one-time experimental extended life

An experiment on mice, carried out by American scientists from the National Institute of health, found that the longitude of life in animals is influenced by diet. Food once a day extended their lives.

Details about the study, biologists told the journal Cell Metabolism. The scientists were able to establish that the state of health and length of life in mice has had a positive impact factor to the long gaps between meals, as well as reducing the caloric content of food.

In the experiment, the authors made sure that one meal is extended in rodents the period of youth.

“Mouse eating once a day, showed a later onset of age-related disorders and a longer life than their relatives with access to food without restrictions,” – said the researchers.
Scientific experts admit that the attitude of the people the effect is similar type of diet can be an effective method of protecting patients with diabetes from hyperglycemia. They also noted that short-term fasting improves the function of the small intestine.

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