Why not give babies water?

Many moms this question mixed feelings. On the one hand, pediatricians are forbidden to drink kids, on the other – a caring grandmother to persuade disappointed. Because it’s hot outside, and each of iron talk about the benefits of water. Anyway, water is the source of life on Earth.

The scientists from the world health organization is clear: to babies is not the case. Give to children under 6 months water can not in any case. And here’s why:

1. Water saturates

It fills the stomach and gives the child a feeling of satiety. The baby refuses to eat, and eventually loses calories. If you water it constantly, it will lead to weight loss or insufficient set.

2. It can cause water intoxication

The risk is especially high if a baby has diarrhea. When water enters the body more than the kidneys can bring, excess fluid can pass into the cell bodies. Tissues swell very dangerous phenomenon, especially for the brain. Excess fluid can cause damage, sometimes irreversible.

Water intoxication is indicated by the following symptoms: low body temperature (36 °C and below), vomiting, swelling around eyes, seizures, excessive sweating. If you suspect this could happen with your child, call an ambulance immediately.

3. The infant can develop goiter

Through breast milk, the intestines of the child in the first six months of life is growing beneficial bacteria. If it constantly dopisivati water, this will upset the balance of microflora and lead to dysbiosis. According to who, children who are under 6 months of drinking exclusively milk, less likely to suffer from disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

4. In water can be harmful bacteria

The immune system in infants is still very weak. Even if you think that the water in your filter is clean, the child can get the bacteria that cause the infection.

But if it’s hot outside?

Breast milk is almost 90% water. So if you think that the child is thirsty, offer him the breast. He will receive the necessary amount of water, and thus will be protected from trouble, about which we spoke. This should be done up until the baby turn six months.

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