Kate Hudson’s Daughter Rani Is Her Mini-Me in Stunning New Vacation Photos

Summer is right around the corner, but Kate Hudson isn’t waiting to soak up some rays. The A Little White Lie star just shared breathtaking new photos of her and her daughter Rani Rose on vacation — and we can’t get over how much the 4-year-old looks like her mama’s mini-me.

“Lately…🌸,” Hudson captioned the ethereal photos on Instagram. In the first, Hudson lies down topless in a swimming pool, with her stomach and chest stretched out over the steps as she rests her head in her arm. Rani lies on her mom’s back, with her long brown hair brushed back from her face in a spot-on imitation of her mama. She stares at the camera with her big brown eyes looking pensive — or maybe just tired from a day of swimming. Either way, it’s a dreamy picture of contentment and love.


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Slide to see another beautiful photo, this time taken from an overhead angle. Hudson and Rani are lying side-by-side on their stomachs in the pool, gazing up at the camera with little smiles as they rest their chins on their hands. Their legs are kicked back behind them in the water, and it is stunning. Baby girl could be a model the way she nails this airy pose just like her mama.

In one photo in the carousel, Rani floats on a turtle floaty in the pool while Hudson lies back on a lounger with a fruity drink in hand. That’s the life! In another, Hudson shares a selfie with Rani in the backseat, her long, dirty-blonde hair coming down past her shoulders. In a video at the end, you can hear Rani’s cute little voice showing her mom a bouquet of flowers she picked. She’s just so cute!

One person commented, “Cutest child ever 🏆.” Another wrote, “You are amazing. Your family is amazing. And just love the peace ✌️ love ❤️ and happiness 😊.”

Last month, the Almost Famous star revealed that she is officially a soccer mom. “Here we go!!! ⚽️” she captioned a photo of Rani holding up pink cleats with pink laces. She looks so excited, it’s adorable!

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