Grace Warrior’s Reaction When She Spots Her Mama Bindi Irwin is So Precious!

Growing up in the Australia Zoo, Grace Warrior, 1, is used to discovering amazing sights like red pandas and gorgeous nature scenes. But her favorite thing? Spotting her mama, Bindi Irwin, in the wild.

During a photo shoot for Irwin’s 24th birthday — sporting her cute short haircut! — Irwin posed for pictures by a tree. But when Grace saw her, she couldn’t leave her mama’s side! Irwin posted the sweet photos of Grace’s reaction to Instagram yesterday.

“Grace spotting me, a photo series…” Irwin wrote. “Swipe for the cutest little sunshine in the world, our Grace Warrior. 💛”

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In the first photo, Irwin stands with a hand on her hip next to a tree and smiles at something off camera (most likely Grace — she is just so cute!). In the next, the toddler clocks her mama in the distance. Grace looks like Irwin’s mini-me with her short curly hair and matching light pink outfit. The toddler’s back is to the camera, so we can even see her cute ruffle-bottomed pants! The moment is so sweet.

The next photo, Grace lifts up one hand to point at Irwin. It’s a very clear, “Hey, that’s my mom!” gesture, and we love it! She’s used to pointing out animals that surprise or interest her, so it’s funny that she has the same initial reaction to seeing her mom.

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Photo #4 is one of the best. It captures the moment Grace finally reaches her mama and throws her arms around her neck. Irwin’s eyes are closed as she holds her daughter, and it is absolutely precious. She’s soaking up the sweet snuggles.

The last picture is a stunning wide shot of the duo by a tree, as Irwin holds Grace on her hip. Clearly, the little girl couldn’t miss out on a photo shoot — especially one featuring her mama!

“Such a beautiful family ❤️ what an adorable little warrior!” one person commented. Another said, “This is adorable! Such a stunning backdrop too 🤍.”

She may be an animal lover, but Grace is definitely a mama’s girl, through and through.

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