Everything We Know About Sodalite Healing Crystals

Healing crystals are all the rage right now, and they carry a very special truth. Those who believe in them swear there are wondrous benefits to using them, but there’s one big catch: There is a vast wealth of crystal types, each with their own uses and benefits. For example, you may want to buy amazonite, or perhaps you need lapis lazuli. In either case, the one rule you need to know before looking for crystals is that you need to research them before you buy them.

Today, though, we’re focusing on Sodalite. Among its interesting traits is that it’s particularly apt to be used by Capricorns. Who knew that crystals and zodiac signs could be perfect matches for each other? This gemstone ranges in color from blue to violet, typically staying in these cool colors, as noted by Geology.com. Moreover, it’s easily found in places such as the Kola Peninsula in Russia, Bancroft in Canada, the northern parts of Namibia, and some states in the U.S.

In essence, sodalite is a rock-forming mineral. In addition to being used as a gemstone and a healing crystal, it’s used in architecture and sculpting.

These benefits will make you want to buy sodalite ASAP

Each healing crystal has its own intrinsic purposes, and sodalite’s are pure. According to Healing Crystals, sodalite helps you stay true to yourself. It anchors the self in a way that brings out your self-expression and natural qualities, helping you to stop overthinking them or comparing them to other people. It brings out your confidence without making you cocky. In this way, it’s a balancing crystal, as it balances all of your emotions and feelings to help you be yourself and achieve your goals.

Like zodiac signs, crystals belong to natural elements. According to Charms of Light, sodalite belongs to the air and water elements, and it’s ruled by the moon. It is also believed by many to have several health benefits to its user, including boosting the immune system, reducing fevers, and aiding with digestion and insomnia. 

Finally, sodalite is amazing to use when you need to find mental clarity. Per Healing Crystals, the crystal can illuminate the patterns in your life, which you can then analyze to see which are benefitting you and which you need to break for your own mental and/or physical health.

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