Doctors recognize the pregnancy of a TRANS man-to-late

Strong, periodically recurring abdominal pain, high blood pressure: A woman would have been treated with these symptoms immediately as an emergency, because you might be pregnant. However, as a 32-year-old man in the emergency room of a hospital in the United States, believes first of all, nobody’s mind that he actually expected a child. He had told a nurse when recording that he was born as a woman and a pregnancy test was positive, however, he is not treated as an emergency. A serious error.

It hours pass, until a this kind of doctor takes care of the patients. When Scanning you not noticed that he is not only overweight, but pregnant. The man had for many years taken testosterone and medications for chronic high blood pressure, but had to settle both because he had lost his health insurance.

His period, he no longer had for years. Therefore, he knew for a long nothing of the pregnancy. Only when the contractions started, had made the 32-Year-old a Test, his Partner then took him to the hospital.

For the Baby, the help comes too late

When the Doctors finally realize that the man is pregnant, they classify him immediately as an emergency and consult a gynecologist. An ultrasound reveals that a part of the umbilical cord is already slipped into the birth canal. In addition, the Patient was reported to have “wet the bed”, a sign of a possible rupture of the membranes.

For the Unborn, a so-called umbilical cord prolapse is extremely dangerous, because they are no longer sufficiently supplied with oxygen and nutrients. The doctors prepare for an emergency C-section, but in the operating room, you can not detect any heart sounds of the child. Only a little later, the man brings a dead Baby to the world.

An American team of Doctors has published in the case journal “New England Journal of Medicine”. To what clinic it has happened and when, not to betray you, also to protect the identity of the man. “It’s not just a question of what this is happens to a Person,” says study author Daphna Stroumsa, from the University of Michigan. But wasTranssexuellen in the healthcare system could be harmed.

Doctors should not automatically assume that all Transgender men take male hormones and a full surgical gender reassignment as a removal of the uterus make a left. The stillbirth might have been prevented if the Patient would have been quicker to get help.

The medical training should also deal with Transgender patients, asking the Doctors. “The Patient was properly classified as a man,” says Stroumsa. “However, the classification has obstructed the view for its actual medical needs.”