Delayed speech and mental development in children: a comprehensive solution to the problem

In addressing developmental delays in children is extremely important the time factor. The sooner you notice the lag from peers the child and take him to a specialist, the faster and better will be the treatment process.

Over the past decade has significantly increased the number of children who are behind in their speech and emotional development. Encouraging that such violations are amenable to, then the child harmoniously develops, both physically and mentally.

It is noteworthy that some speech deviations can lead to the development of the heap of other problems. For example, delay in speech development of the child somewhat inhibits the development of his thinking. At the same time innate psychic or neurological diseases can cause of underdevelopment of speech. Therefore, in order not to aggravate the situation as soon as possible to seek help from professionals.

The main causes of delay in the development of the child

Delay psycho-speech development in children happens for various reasons. Note that this is not an independent disease but a consequence of a number of neurophysiological and social disorders, which the child may develop certain problems in development.

Among the main factors causing the backwardness of the psychological and speech development are the following:

  • Diseases of the mother during pregnancy, in particular, is infectious.
  • The lack of oxygen in the fetus in the womb.
  • Birth injuries.
  • Infectious diseases in children.
  • Hereditary factors.
  • Social factors and improper training. For example, the mental retardation of the child may result in unnecessary care or rather the lack of proper attention to the child.
  • Psychic trauma in early childhood.
  • Diseases of the nervous system of the child.

That should alert you

Psycho-speech disorders in preschool and school-age can be expressed in different ways, and parents are sometimes difficult to suspect a problem. Here are the basic signs of delay psycho-speech development in toddlers, which should alert you:

  • 4 month child is still not responding to gestures and words of the parents.
  • 8-9 months the child has no babbling (repetitions of identical syllables).
  • 1 year child is very quiet, almost not making a sound.
  • 1.5 years the child says simple words, for example, me and others. The child does not understand when spoken to.
  • 2 years the child uses a very limited set of words and repeats for the other new words.
  • 2.5 years vocabulary the child is not more than 20 words. The child does not understand the names of body parts, household items, unable to make a phrase of several words.
  • 3 years the child is not able to compose sentences. The child may speak too quickly, swallowing the endings of words, or too slow, drawl.

As for pre-school children, parents may notice different signs of underdevelopment. For example, a child can be a considerate contact, but some of the tasks he is given difficult, due to problems in abstract thinking. It can be difficulty in mastering reading, understanding numbers and their values and other complexities.

If we are talking about students, problems in solving problems can also be associated with problems in intellectual development. At this age the child should be able to find the required using known parameters, connecting to the solution of problems of the logical unit.

An integrated approach the success of

Often with speech disorders, parents turn to professionals speech therapists, speech pathologists, psychologists or teachers. However, the desired result is and does not. Why? The fact is that in these situations the child needs a comprehensive approachthat will ensure rapid and effective correction of all violations.

In the Center of brain stimulation a child has a whole team of specialists. We initially sets the delay the child’s development to focus efforts on removing the source of all problems. Working with the child neurologists, speech therapists, psychologists and representatives of other professions that allows you to create a complete picture and understand how the neurophysiological and psychological and pedagogical components of underdevelopment.

After diagnosis a child has a team of professionals. Hardware treatment methods provide physiologically overcome the delays of different origin, and intensive training contribute to the development of new skills. Specialists of the Center of brain stimulation note that the earlier you start working with the child, the faster will be the result. It is noteworthy that over time the problems had only accumulated, and information processing becomes more and more. Therefore, it is important not to postpone this issue indefinitely and to start working on it right now.

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