Catherine Zeta-Jones & Michael Douglas Show Off Their 'Family Vibe' in a Sweet Dance Party With Their Kids

The Zeta-Jones/Douglas household is having a ball. Zeta-Jones shared a cute video on Instagram that featured herself, Douglas, and their two children, 19-year-old Carys and 22-year-old Dylan. The foursome can be seen dancing up a storm, showing off their best moves for the camera. Carys and her dad opted for a sweet slow dance while Dylan and his mom went for a more groovy style.

“Our family vibe😂,” the actress wrote. As you can see below, the vibes of this tight-knit group are absolutely A+.

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Zeta-Jones also posted a loving message to Carys on her 19th birthday in April, sharing a vintage shot of the two of them as well as a stunning recent photo of her daughter on the beach. “Happy 19th Birthday to my beautiful daughter (inside and out) Carys, everyday is a joy because of you. I love you with all my heart❤️Mama,” her caption read.

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Dylan and Carys spent their childhood growing in Bermuda, far away from the glitz of Hollywood and the hassle of paparazzi. That upbringing, it seems, offered a really grounded experience for the foursome.

“Their childhood memories are so wonderful: waking up and being at the beach, swimming in the ocean, climbing rocks and trees,” Jones told Homes & Gardens last year. “I was young, I’d won an Oscar, it was before my husband’s cancer, which was really traumatic for him and our family, so it was a golden time. And there was total privacy, which was paramount for us bringing up our children. We have great fond memories of being there.”

These celebrity fathers are all proud to be “girl dads.”

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