You remember nothing, until blindness threatened: you should be from 40 about Green Star knowledge

In Germany, about two million people suffer from glaucoma. Almost every Second person knows nothing of his disease and the risk of serious consequential damage and even blindness. A glaucoma with early detection, usually well to treat.

After the age of 40. Age should go for regular eye medical care. Because in this age the risk is increasing rapidly, to glaucoma, so the technical term for glaucoma, especially where a family history exists. Other risk factors include myopia, blood pressure fluctuations, or cold limbs.

About the expert

Christoph Eckert is a eye physician and surgeon. In addition, he is the founder and medical Director of 24 eye care centres in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria.

Particularly the optic nerve head should be examined

Often, pressure is increased inside the eye cause of glaucoma, and the resulting damage to the optic nerve of the eye. This is not recognized and treated appropriately, blindness is possible. The Treacherous: Since glaucoma causes no pain and initially asymptomatic, it is noticed by the patient, unfortunately, usually much too late. An early-detected glaucoma can be treated well.

But also a lower pressure in the eye can lead to glaucoma, the so-called low-pressure glaucoma. Therefore, you should look regularly at the eye doctor his optic nerve and also regularly measured. In this measurement, you can assess changes to the Vorbefund most easily, and then, for example, the pressure in the eye lower. Much more important than the measurement of the eye pressure, per se, the regular Measurement of the optic nerve head.

The classic way to reduce the pressure in the eye, and thus progression of the disease to prevent, eye drops. Thanks to various drug substances, to ensure a reduction in the production of aqueous humor or/and for an increased outflow of the accumulating chamber to water, and therefore reduce effectively the pressure in the eye.

Your disadvantage: you have to be in the presence of the applied, and often lead to unpleasant burning, Irritation, as well as the formation of dark edges around the eye. In addition, it can come with time, scarring of the conjunctiva. This makes it difficult to possibly later required surgical intervention.

Laser chamber water flow back in

An innovative and gentle Alternative to eye drops opened the treatment of glaucoma by SLT Laser (selective Laser trabeculoplasty). With this method, natural body, activates cells, the rooms, the drainage system of the eye, called the trabecular meshwork, “free”. The chamber water can thus flow freely again. The surrounding tissue is not destroyed. The risk of possible side effects is proven under the of eye drops – and often higher-pressure-lowering.

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The Standard Repertoire of innovative ophthalmology the YAG Laser. With this method, a so-called glaucoma attack can be treated – both in advance of and in the acute stage. The rainbow attaches itself to the skin in front of the outflow system of the eye (trabecular meshwork) and blocked it. The resulting high pressure in the eye can lead within a few hours – for example, in night – blindness. Therefore, it is important that this treatment as soon as possible, and to save the eyesight.

Implants save the optic nerve

Glaucoma means is hard or pronounced, so MIGS-surgery (“Minimally Invasive glaucoma Surgery help”) – in particular, in the case of intolerance to eye drops or an insufficient pressure reduction. In these interventions, special implants, such as the XEN Gel are used the Stent in through the tiny Openings in the Trabecular meshwork of the eye. There, you can improve the outflow of aqueous humor under the conjunctiva of the eye pressure drops, and the optic nerve remains intact.

The gentle and low complication surgery can be outpatient as well as inpatient. In the case of medical necessity, the insurance company takes over the costs for the Implantation. Scientific studies prove the effectiveness of the implant. Whether this method is appropriate in a particular case, show in-depth investigations before.

Otherwise, you can choose the eye doctor if you have a severe disease images under a range of other (micro-surgical) surgical procedures. They all have the goal of reducing the intraocular pressure and to improve the outflow of aqueous humor. A further effective measures to ensure a durable pressure reduction in the generation of Retirees, the Operation of the cataract is, by the way.

Because: Is replaced by the implant, the ageing of the lens of the eye through a modern Lens, so the lowers often the pressure in the eye in a sustainable way. Therefore, it should be checked before each glaucoma surgery, if a cataract is present.