We don’t have every day to go to the toilet

People don’t have to visit the toilet with a serious purpose every day. Experts have denied one of the most common myths told about when you need to worry.

Many of us believe that a healthy body requires going to the toilet at-large on a daily basis. And better, if that’s even happening at the same time, for example, in the morning. However, several reputable gastroenterologists and researchers from the UK have called this assumption a myth. They believe that emptying the bowel daily is not necessary. And if some people do not visit the toilet with these goals daily, then he does not need to worry.

Moreover, less than 40% of people sent this natural need every day, in contrast to the emptying of the bladder. There is no “normal” schedule empty the colon, although, of course, if he does not do this several days in a row, he should definitely see a doctor. But healthy can be a record and three times a day, and three times a week, because every human body is individual. And if someone empties the bowels on a daily basis, this is not to say that his digestive system is not functioning well.

Constipation can be caused a variety of factors, including diseases, medications, supplements, and, of course, food products, consisting of dietary fiber. In order to more regular bowel movements, people are advised to drink more water and move more often. A big help in providing whole grains and cereals, beans, seeds and nuts, vegetables and fresh fruit. (READ MORE)