Walking – the easiest way to lose weight

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The easiest way to lose weight

In foot there is truth!

“Quiet” fitness

Your perfect itinerary

Habit – second nature

And again about the benefits of walking

You always believed that fit people have a lot of free time and iron willpower to sports, and it is not available? Work, family, awesome prices on passes to the local gym and unbearable monotony of any workout… Forget about it! You have no more excuses not to be slim! Magicforum found: to get a chiseled figure, don’t have to do all the things you don’t want to. Simply… go!

The easiest way to lose weight

If you have ever set themselves the goal of becoming slimmer, you surely know how many there are complex methodologies and systems to achieve results. And although they have enough followers, anyone which is really the way to overcome the 50-th size clothing to 44th, can confirm that a magic pill does not exist, and multi-step plans is usually just a way to make money on unsuspecting customers. And the only way to lose weight is to move and, of course, to streamline the diet.

No wraps or baths may be the most aggressive massage will not burn your folds if in the remaining time you sit. This is because fat cells are oxidized, literally “burn” in the muscles only when the tissues are filled with oxygen due to the load. Another way to destroy fat impossible.

And now – good news! Do not have to be an athlete to activate the “dormant” muscle fibers. If you believe the scientists and doctors, is much more effective to move all the time, but to the best of their ability.

And most of the so-called ‘slow’ fibres which are able to oxidize fat is in my legs. The conclusion is clear: to lose weight without superhuman effort and financial costs need to go!

In foot there is truth!

Surely, after reading the previous paragraph, fans of the intense trainingwas indignant: how could it be walking more effective than, for example, exercise with dumbbells? Maybe – if you want to lose weight!

Studies have shown that when training in the gym muscle consumes carbohydrates, that is energy, and the resulting process products – acetone and lactic acid – block the greatest fat oxidation. And even after a grueling workout you will not get the desired effect: the muscles completely relax, and oxidation does not occur.

Moreover, after extreme squats with dumbbells or a dance of pirouettes you probably savagely hungry, and it will be difficult to resist the temptation to “encourage” myself for the hard work your favorite food.

It turns out, gym sessions are useless? Of course, it’s not! They strengthen the muscles that make us stronger, fitter and burn those calories, which, according to the rules of nutrition for weight loss “burn” has more than consumed.

But if you want to”melt” the fat already deposited, it is better to walk: according to a study conducted in the UK, only an hour a dynamic walk through the city or on a treadmill changes the ratio in the blood of two appetite regulating hormones – ghrelin and peptide. The first provokes in you the desire to bite. And the second, in contrast, reduces cravings for food.

The longer you walk, the less produced and more ghrelin – peptide.

So, if after weight training you at least half an hour walk by foot, you not only start the process of fat oxidation, but will not eat in excess.

“Quiet” fitness

Continue the dialogue with skeptics, who, of course, reasonable notice thatthe walk is unlikely to turn you into a supermodel. And they are right! But, starting to move more – at least more than now – you’ll do your body several gifts.

First, accelerate the metabolism. While the fat will oxidize and “burn” in the muscles, the body as a whole will begin to produce the hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine, which break down fat cells. And here you are, seemingly doing nothing, attack the enemy on two fronts!

Second, while walking increases the overall body tone. No wonder there is the word “carousing” we were literally “rocking” yourself to be more active throughout the day, and spend more calories.

Finally, by breaking down the fat on the go, you release from it the necessary energy, which means you are unlikely to want to refuel with chocolate. Minus one crease on the side!

Your perfect itinerary

Really doesn’t matter where you’re walking. A walkin the Park, the woods, the prospectus or the shopping area are equally useful for the figure. But you to notice the effect, it is important to pass at least 8 km (about 10 thousand steps) per day.

Optional to pace this “portion” at a time – you can break it down into short walks. Some doctors even argue that it is more effective approach.

By the way, another undeniable plus of walking is that it is the anatomical “sport”: with such a load you are insured against injury. Unless you are planning to overcome all distance on high heels!

And to know their performance using a fitness bracelet (they are sold everywhere and are cheap) or applications which can be installed on the phone.

Habit – second nature

No, even such a productive load, as walking, will not work if your diet consists of “toxic” products. Try to make the menu simple, but healthy dishes – boiled or baked. And be sure to drink at least liters of water a day. You’ll see the ease you will feel is worth any of the rolls!

Of course, in a very ideal plan have reservations. Walking even for those who have never been friends with sport and unwittingly managed to “acquire” excess weight. But the more people, the better “works” for it is aerobic exercise. The fact is that the body gets used to the movement. And if you have at least twice a week, attend weight training or for every day walk 8-10 kilometers, then start the process of weight reduction.

This is a great occasion to reflect on how to follow a healthy habit to walk to get another – and after all, to choose a sport for everyone.

And again about the benefits of walking

Once again silenced those who don’t like to set records: the use of walk is in its regularity. Fans of Jogging and Cycling specifically put on wrist bracelets with sensors, a counting pulse, because, if they are excessively accelerated, the heart is also “dispersed”, and aerobic exercise becomes anaerobic. So, instead of fat the body starts to burn muscle.

It turns out that the walk back is much better for weight loss and toning than other races and challenges. While you breathe deeply and measure steps a favorite or a new route, the body is working.

And to decide on my first “workout” without the need to connect the will power to push herself threats or motivating promises. Select the route to the store or work longer – and you’re on your way to the desired figure. It’s as simple as… step!

Earlier doctors had said the easiest way to lose weight.