Sedentary smokers die faster

Research scientists from the USA showed that a sedentary lifestyle is more dangerous for health than Smoking, diabetes and hypertension, reported a publication ETimes. The conclusion that sedentary people die early, the experts made by analyzing the medical history of more than 120 thousand examinees.

“People who are sedentary, the risk of dying before those who smoke or suffer from diabetes” – quoted researchers ETimes.
In the framework of an organized experiment, the volunteers were regularly engaged in on the treadmill. The participants were divided into five groups – from the sporty to extremely sporty. The study of the peculiarities of the organism of the participants showed that physical fitness and activity rejuvenate, improve health and prolong life. While inactivity contributes to the propensity to diseases, life threatening.

“The longest-lived people in sport, and the effectiveness of exercise equally well manifest itself at any age,” stated the authors of the project.
Earlier Magicforum wrote that aerobics was recognized as a means of prolonging life.