Protein from bee venom can help with eczema

Protein from bee venom, is added to the cream or ointment may help people suffering from eczema, without causing side effects. This discovery was made by experts from the Catholic University of Daegu in South Carolina.

The study found that melittin, protein helps with eczema, contained in the venom of bees, and he bee venom have immunomodulatory activity. Laboratory tests conducted on mice and human cells, the result was proved the effectiveness of this protein. According to experts, it can reduce the symptoms of eczema, to increase the activity of immune cells and reduce inflammation, which is the most important factor that causes itching and redness and chapped skin.

It should be noted that eczema is the most common allergic skin inflammation. To date, the root cause dermatologists can’t reveal. This may be due to genetics, the environment, and can also play a role in this immunological factors. In the modern world to treat eczema is not yet possible. The most common medication for the relief of this disease are anti-inflammatory steroid cream, but they have side effects. Scientists say that the use of a protein from the venom of bees in creams and ointments will help to create a better tool to fight disease, and it will have less side effects. These drugs can help people suffering with arthritis. Bee venom has antibacterial and antiviral properties, even to some extent cancer.

Experts believe that this discovery could help millions who suffer this disease. Some of them are not suitable medications for eczema as cause severe side effects.