Intestine, gall bladder, hip surgery: Where patients most often

Each third hospital patient was operated on in the year 2017. A good half of them was 60 years and older. The Federal Statistical office has now determined which operations were in which age groups the most frequently.

7.1 million inpatient in hospital-treated patients have undergone in the past year of Operation. As to the Federal statistics office, has not changed the proportion of operations compared to the previous year. Surgical interventions on the intestine in hospital patients most often.

Intestine surgeries in the year 2017, the most

However, the frequency of different OPs is different in different age groups. A good half of the surgeon were Treated in the year 2017, 60 years and older.

The most common operations in the age group over 60 were

  • “other operations on the colon”: This includes operations in which adhesions are released, or sections of the intestine were stretched include, for example,
  • endoscopic surgery of the Bile ducts
  • Implantation of an endoprosthesis of the hip joint

Almonds and eardrum surgery in children often

Also , the 45 to 59-Year-old underwent the most procedures on the intestine. In the women’s interventions on the metatarsal bones or the toe was otherwise at the top. In the case of men often the lumbar spine and the sacrum and coccyx and had to be operated.

In the case of women from 15 to 44 years were the OPs in connection with childbirth on the front. In the case of men has been corrected most often, the turbinate to improve breathing.

Children up to 14 years of age – sections, the Doctors especially often the eardrum to the opening of the tympanic cavity (cavity of the middle ear), and removed the tonsils.