In schools only for boys grades much higher

Research has shown that boys do better in school if they do not interfere with girls. This is a powerful argument in favor of separate education.

A new study has shown that attending segregated schools boys receive higher grades than their peers who sit in classes with the girls. This conclusion was made by researchers from the Australian University of Victoria. Recall that the experts have repeatedly suggested that the separate education contributes to greater concentration of children in the subjects, because thereby they are deprived of serious distractions. This is especially true for teenagers who are already beginning to shape his personal life.

However, your comments about the results of this study have given the heads of famous British schools for boys, including Director of College Scots College Graham a top. He said that the girls at school are not a problem, but they help the boys to develop communicative skills and contacts with members of the opposite sex.

“It becomes very important to teenagers of both sexes were able to communicate and understand each other, because they have to leave school and go into adult life, – said the head of the Scots College, from 2020, for the first time admitted to the classes of girls. – In addition, there are many different factors influencing the academic performance of children in same-sex schools, so the results of this study should be taken with caution. You should not compare apples to oranges, I’d say so. In General, it is necessary to understand why girls always outperform boys in school performance”. (READ DALE)