Can fruit juice to bring to diabetes

Can fruit juice increase the risk of type II diabetes. The answer is given by experts in the field of endocrinology.

Today, almost 4% of Russians suffer from diabetesand this figure is constantly growing. With more than 90% of them have type II diabetes, which is among the preventable diseases. This diabetes occurs mainly in people with large amounts of excess weight, low physical activity and improper nutrition. Many experts insist that changes in diet help regulate blood sugar levels. This raises the legitimate question of whether harmful to human health fruit juiceshave long promoted it as a healthy diet. However, it is known that store-bought fruit juices is full of sugar.

Experts in the field of endocrinologists agree that the fruit juice from shops better to drink less, even if they are 100% fruit. Much better to eat whole fruits, which have important for our body dietary fiber. Of course, that is not a reason to completely abandon juices and smoothies, but it is important to control their amount in the diet. For example, not to use in a day more than one small glass with a volume of 150 ml. If you want to drink more, then just dilute the juice with water.

It must be remembered that carbs, sugar and calories affect blood sugar levels. And if we drink juice a food, you need rough idea of how much it actually carbohydrates. In General, a large amount of fruit juice in the diet may be an indirect factor in the occurrence of type II diabetes, although modest, but in small quantities fruit juice is useful, as they contain many vitamins and minerals. (READ MORE)