Became known the reasons for moaning during sex

The man grunts and groans during sex because he needs oxygen. The scientists said that in fact mean certain sounds that we produce in bed.

Orgasm, or rather those soundsthat are heard in this moment, has long been debated by scientists. But even without these discussions, many people know that sex can be quite noisy, and not all produce the noises are involuntary or original. But why do we grunt, groan or laugh during class sex? The American experts were told about where some of the most common sounds. We must start with the most popular sound of mooing. It is a physiological reaction of the body to any effort. We start to hum when the body requires more oxygen, and with the help of this life-giving breath of the injected gas due to the muscles of the larynx.

When a person performs out in a constricted voice cracks, he may have specific sounds. Most often they mean that we are working in bed. But what about the moaning? Partners moan while having sex, because it’s the easiest way to show enjoy. Instead of using words like “Yes, Yes, Yes… that thing… come on, there’s a little bit here…above…below…” people remain silent or moaning, if you really are having fun. But such moans more and gratitude to the partner because he does his job properly.

In General, psychologists believe sounds during sex is a reflection of the intensity of the experience of pleasure. If partners like to hear a similar sounds, they become a kind of reward. Then the sounds physically and emotionally unite the two people. The sounds of moans as a reward are often used by women who fake orgasms. In General, women produce the maximum number of sounds, especially for men because it is nice. It has long been observed that if men like similar sounds, they often remain with the women to hear them again and again. ()