All you need to know about veganism

Vegans often cause hostility in the community. Usually just because people don’t fully understand what it is and why do we need to abandon the usual food. Well, I’ll try to fix it.

1. Veganism and vegetarianism are not the same

Vegetarians only refuse meat, and vegan – all animal products: meat, fish, eggs, milk and honey. They also usually wear fur, leather, silk and animal hair. And vegans are against animal testing and their use in circuses and zoos.

2. Have vegans can be different motives, and sometimes they are very noble

Some people become vegan because all these products are allegedly harmful to health. However, they may not opt-out of fur, leather and cosmetics that are tested on animals.

But others do it solely for ethical reasons. On modern farms used animals are treated as machines for the production of meat, milk and eggs. Factory chickens are kept in cramped cages so that they can not even straighten the wings. And under the feet of them all the time is a wire floor that hurts your feet. If the hens leg is stuck and she can’t reach the food, the bird slowly dies of starvation.

We won’t continue to describe what is happening in livestock organizations, but believe me, this is a very tough business. So vegans and refuse to sponsor: they just feel sorry for the animals.

3. Vegans – not necessarily pale, sick and skinny

In fact, no research proves that, in itself, veganism is harmful to health or causes you to lose weight. The thing is, how to approach it.

4. But veganism will not bring health benefits

If simply to take and to refrain from all animal products, you can get serious problems with health. So that the body continued to receive all the necessary substances, will have to try. The diet must include essential amino acids, proteins, iron, zinc, calcium, vitamin D, Riboflavin, vitamin B12, vitamin A, essential fatty acids and iodine. So vegans may need special dietary supplements.

However, the British nutrition Foundation says: with proper planning, a vegan diet can be healthy and fulfilling for people of any age.

Decided to switch to veganism? Good luck, just don’t forget to read our article “Instead of meat: 9 sources of protein for vegans”.