5 vitamins and minerals that accelerate the weight loss

How to get rid of excess weight quickly? Experts have called 5 vitamins and minerals that eliminate fat and help in building muscles.

Starting our small list of vitamin B12. Regular supplementation with this vitamin increases energy levels and speeds up metabolism, promotes the loss of excess weight. This vitamin also contributes to normal functioning of the brain and nervous system, which is important for muscle growth.

Magnesium serves several important functions when it comes to the health of the brain and body. First, it converts food into energy, and this means that we can spend more time in the gym. Secondly, magnesium helps reduce fatigue and reduce muscle spasms, which also improves performance during exercise. Unfortunately, studies show that more than half of Russians do not get enough magnesium from food, so it is superfluous to acquire a nutritional Supplement with this mineral.

Vitamin C contained in foods such as strawberries, oranges and red pepper. This key vitamin and its shortage causes serious health problems, including surges in blood pressure, strokes and some types of cancer. Vitamin C is an important antioxidant, it is needed for building muscle mass and burning fat. In people who get enough vitamin C, it is noted a lower body mass index.

Glucomannan is a water – soluble polysaccharide considered dietary fiber. It also promotes weight loss by reducing absorption of fat by the body. Glucomannan keeps the feeling of satiety for a longer period, which relieves you from overeating.

Completes our rating calcium, which is essential not only for healthy bones and teeth but also for muscle growth. Due to the lack of calcium in the body to release the hormone calcitriol, which leads to accumulations of large amounts of fat under the skin. (READ MORE)