This product lowers cholesterol

Millions of people have elevated cholesterol levels, which threatens them with heart disease. The inclusion in the diet of dairy product will help to reduce the risk.

Statistics shows that every second citizen of our country is experiencing high levels of cholesterol. This means that because of too many lipids in the blood blood vessels gradually become clogged, preventing normal channel of blood through the body. It is especially dangerous if the blood enters the heart in that quantity which it requires. That is why the high level of “bad” cholesterol often ends in heart attack. There are medications like statins, which are designed to combat this phenomenon, but they have side effects.

Fortunately, eating certain kinds of food can help to solve one of the most serious problems of mankind. A recent study showed that one of the most effective products is the fatty cheese. Scientists from University College Dublin measured the effects of dairy product on the cholesterol levels. Participants consumed 120 g fat cheese every day for 6 weeks and faced with positive effects.

The results show that the consumption of cheese as part of a diet for lowering cholesterol leads to cleaning out the arteries. This is good news for millions of cheese lovers in our country, which often suggest not to get fat varieties of product allegedly having negative effects on health. (READ MORE)