The woman woke up in the morning and spoke with a foreign accent

56-year-old American faced with unexpected neurological symptom, where it can now all take for the French. The woman had a foreign accent, and he disappears just at the moment when the lady starts singing.

Within 48 hours a farmer’s daughter from Indianapolis Ellen Spencer, who always spoke with characteristic Midwestern American accent, was suddenly speaking with a pronounced foreign accent. In some cases it sounded like the accent of a Frenchwoman, and in some Ellen spoke like a German. A woman faced with foreign accent syndrome, and the name of this disorder comprehensively talks about what it does to the person. It is believed that the syndrome is associated with abnormalities in the speech centres of the brain.

It happened 10 years ago, and happened overnight. Helen woke up in the morning and spoke with an accent, but the husband and children first decided that their mom’s just kidding. However, the joke was delayed, and Ellen still have difficulty correctly pronouncing English words that scared her. It turned out that it will never sound like it used to. However, after some time, the woman still found a way to hear your voice without the accent. Has this been done only in the case that Ellen began to sing.

Over the years it has gone through numerous medical studies, experimental therapies and even regular lessons from a speech therapist, but nothing helped. Strangers are sure that Ellen French, and women already tired to explain that is native American. Since then, the woman is an activist in the field of attracting attention to foreign accent syndrome. It helped her to make friends with many other people also facing this amazing disorder. (READ MORE)