The top five lies Brits tell their partners have been revealed

More than one in four Brits admit they keep secrets from their partners, according to research.

A poll of 2,000 adults also found 12 per cent of women admit they don’t tell their partners everything, compared to 8 per cent of men.

And one in 20 Brits said they are currently keeping at least one ‘huge’ secret from their other half.

The study was conducted by Lottoland, whose spokesperson Laura Pearson said: “Honesty is always the best policy when it comes to relationships, because you can’t take a chance on love .

“Some of these findings are really concerning. Telling the odd lie about whether you’re in the pub, or if you flirted with someone in the coffee shop are all innocent enough, but lying about affairs or debt is a serious concern.”

The survey also found three in 10 women are likely to fib to their other half about their shopping habits, and 20 per cent aren’t always completely truthful about their whereabouts.

A quarter of men are likely to lie about exactly where they are, while 23 per cent will keep flirtatious behaviour under wraps.

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When it comes to a couple’s sex life, it seems there are also a few fibs flying around, as 14 per cent of men admitted they lied about their sexual preferences, compared to only five per cent of women.

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Men are also nearly twice as likely to lie about an affair – either in the past, or one that’s currently ongoing.

However, women are far more likely to keep secrets about their levels of debt than men.

Laura Pearson added: “We encourage all of our customers to only play if they have the funds, as well as letting their family know what they are playing and when.”

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  • Whereabouts
  • Flirtations
  • An affair (ongoing or in the past)
  • Shopping habits
  • Sexual preferences


  • Shopping habits
  • Whereabouts
  • Flirtations
  • Debt
  • An affair (ongoing or in the past)

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