The best workout for your star sign

Is there anything that can’t be determined by looking to the stars?

Honestly, they have all the answers. From who to date, to what porn you should be watching – believers are certain that your zodiac sign will guide you in the right direction.

For hard-core enthusiasts, there is no area of life that can’t be influenced and enhanced by looking at your star sign. That includes fitness and health.

We asked a fitness expert and astrology enthusiast to create bespoke workouts for each of the 12 star signs. Tom from Nature’s Healthbox, has suggested the perfect exercises to help each zodiac sign reach their full potential:


You’re practical and independent, able to setup the perfect home workout, making the most of the area and equipment around you and embracing anything you can find to enhance your workout.

Wall squats: Keeping your back straight against the wall, lower yourself down to a chair position and hold that pose for 30 seconds.

Repeat this three to four times, with a 60-second break between sets.

Chair dips: Make sure you use a sturdy chair with no wheels at the bottom, unless you want to end up on your bum.

Start by sitting down on the chair. Keep your back completely straight, with your hands gripping the chair and slide forward till your hovering above the ground and your arms are extended, with your knees slightly bent.

Lower yourself down and back up again, performing 12 reps, for 3 sets.

Stairs: Who needs a Stairmaster when you have a set of stairs in the house? If you don’t have one, find an public area local to you with stairs.

This should be performed as a form of HIIT (high intensity interval training), so go fast paced for 40 seconds before having a 20-second break.

Repeat this as many times as possible before you hit the floor. Remember to write down how many times you completed this, so you have a benchmark for future sessions.

Aquarius individuals tend to be a little hasty, so make sure to slow it down and do controlled movements, helping you to get a greater brain-muscle connection and prevent any potential injuries.


If you’re a Pisces then you will often have a great level of determination, allowing you to remain motivated even when the tasks get tedious and you feel the temptation to quit.

For this reason, you can take on those workouts that others dread.

Burpees: Don’t worry if you can’t do the press-up version, the important element is that you keep form and push yourself to your limits.

Starting in a standing position, drop down and bend your knees before kicking your legs back into a plank position (you can then perform a press-up if you wish).

You then quickly kick your legs back up and lift yourself up to a standing position and jump, before repeating the exercise. This is a great HIIT exercise, so set a timer on your phone.

Jumping lunges: A great exercise for smashing the glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves, as well as helping to improve your balance.

With your feet shoulder width apart, jump one foot back and the other forward, bending at the knees, before jumping again and switching the legs.

Do these in 40 second rounds, with a 20-second break, going relatively fast without losing form.

Mountain climbers: Working those core muscles and improving mobility, mountain climbers are a great exercise that can be performed with minimal space.

Get into a plank position and then bring one knee forward up into your chest with the toes off the ground, before swapping for the other leg.

Keeping consistent with the other exercises, perform these for 40 seconds before having a 20-second break.

Pisces have a tendency to be indecisive, so make sure you stick to this workout in the exact order written.


Aries’ are full of passion, are brave and adventurous, ready to try something new. So I want to introduce some equipment into your home workout.

Kettlebell swing: You will see multiple variations of this move, whether double or single handed and which ever type of form you choose you can be assured of a great exercise, working your shoulders, back, legs, glutes and hips.

Figure of eight: I like this exercise as it pushes people to tense their core and get used to doing so, something people often fail to do when working out in certain positions.

It can be quite tricky for new starters to get the form right, but once they do, they will be better at co-ordination, balance, strengthening the core and keeping the posture correct, again all very important for future exercises and workouts.

Kettlebell thrusters: These are a mix of shoulder presses with squats.

A large percentage of people either leave shoulders to the end of the week and skip it, or they just don’t work them at all.

It can be tempting to focus on either the chest, back or legs, but the shoulders are critical. However, this move also includes your legs with a deep squat.

I know Aries are very impulsive, so if you feel there are any other kettlebell exercises you want to add in, don’t hesitate.


Taurus’ tend to be a little more needy. They love being around others and bounce off their energy, so I’d recommend getting someone you like to join you for a regular workout.

Below are some great two-person workouts you should try.

Partner row: A great back exercise, you don’t need a barbell in your living room when you have a friend who can support you.

Taking turns, you need to hold them up with your arms stretched outright, bent over and with knees slightly bent but your back completely straight.

You then pull them up with your arms going in beside your stomach. Make sure to take this slowly and focus on form. I’d recommend performing 8-10 reps for three sets.

Squat jump high fives: Nothing says motivation like a mid-rep high five!

Just make sure not to get into a giggling fit, it can happen quite often with this exercise.

Standing beside each other, but one foot back and facing opposite directions, you both perform a squat, before jumping into the air and high fiving each other, then landing and repeating the exercise.

Go for 15-20 reps for three sets.

Leg toss: Whether pushing straight forward or to the sides, this is a great ab exercise.

Taking turns, one person will lie on the floor while the other stands over them. With the back flat on the floor, the person lying down needs to lift their legs, keeping them as straight as possible, while the other pushes the feet downwards to the ground.

You need to try to offer resistance and push the legs back up rather than just allowing them to completely drop down.


While some exercises can leave people in a muddle, Gemini’s are very smart and great at finding solutions and solving problems.

Spider crawl: Hitting your back, shoulders, arms, legs and core, this is a great total body exercise.

Starting in a push-up position, bend your elbows and tighten your abs while drawing one knee up, before rising back up and doing the same for the other side.

Stability ball push-ups: Forget your usual push-ups, this is the next level, embracing your core and pushing you to work on your balance skills.

Place your feet on the ball and perform a push-up to the ground, but if you are struggling a little with this then you can start with the ball under your knees before progressing to it being under your feet.

Lunges with overhead extensions: While performing a traditional lunge, you also need to lower the dumbbell/ball/kettlebell behind your neck before lifting back up as you go to a standing position.

Make sure your upper arm remains locked while your forearms are moving.


You are naturally drawn to water, being one of the three water zodiac signs, therefore it might be time to sign up to a swimming pool near you.

I’d then recommend trying the exercises below at the side of the pool.

The bicycle: With your arms rested comfortably on the side of the pool, elbows back, you need to use your legs to kick in a cycling motion.

The importance here is to mix up the speeds you are going at, don’t just stick to a comfortable pace, throw in a cycling sprint every now and then, but not so fast that you lose your balance.

Dips: Facing the outside of the pool, place your hands on the pool edge at shoulder width apart and lift yourself up in a controlled motion, before slowly lowering yourself back down and performing this again.

Don’t try to go fast, keep this exercise slow paced and focus on feeling the muscle work.

Water planks: You will need a foam water log for this, as you hold on to it, facing forward and then lift your legs into the air while keeping your head facing forward.

You then need to utilise your core to stop your legs from dropping down.


Calm and reflective, you like to take it all a little slower. Add yoga into your life, with a number of great videos available to watch easily on YouTube at the edge of a click.

Plank: Keep your breathing steady and make sure you don’t allow your back to bend or your bum to lift, with your abdominals tensed throughout the exercise.

You should be aiming for a minute for each set, at three sets, but if you can’t do a full minute, don’t be ashamed, just set a benchmark and aim to increase this number of time.

Pelvic curl: Lying down on the ground, facing upwards, bend your knees and have your feet flat on the ground.

Curl your tailbone upwards, using your feet and shoulders to lift your midsection until in a straight line, then lower back down. Focus on your breathing and tensing the muscles.

Teaser: Lie down on the ground and start with your knees in to your chest.

Stretch your arms up into the air, extend your legs 45 degrees and then curl your chin towards your chest and roll yourself up.

This can take a while to learn so focus on getting your form right.


Highly methodical in your approach to a workout, or life in general, I want to keep these exercises well ordered, with a natural progression from one to the other.

For this reason, all exercises are performed directly after completing 10 reps of the last exercise, meaning 30 reps before having a break as a tri-set.

You will need an exercise ball for this tri-set.

Jackknife: Starting in a push-up position and with your feet on the back of the ball, roll your knees into your chest, keeping your arms and upper body steady, with your heels hitting your bum, before returning to the starting position.

Hamstring curls: Now switch to lying on the ground and place your feet on the middle of the ball.

With your back slightly off the ground and your arms to your side, roll your feet towards you, with your knees going up and bringing your heels to your bum.

Make sure you keep your core tight as you perform this exercise.

Stability ball roll-out: Place your hands on the exercise ball and have your knees on the ground, with the toes facing downwards.

Roll the ball forward, as you lower yourself down while using your core to keep yourself steady.


A Libra myself, we are known for having strong social skills and enjoying the company of others, so this will be another two person session.

Body weight squats: Standing opposite each other, stretch your arms out and grab hold of each others arms.

Then, both of you lower yourselves down into a squat, performing this at a very slow pace, going in time with each other.

This is a great exercise to perform together, slowing the other person down and ensuring neither person is rushing it.

Push-up with shoulder touch: If you’re not so great at performing push-ups then feel free to keep your knees on the ground.

After completing each rep, touch one shoulder, before repeating the exercise and then touching the other shoulder.

Resistance band core twist: With each person grabbing hold of one side of the resistance band with both hands, you need to stand opposite each other at a distance where you feel a little resistance in the band.

You both need to then twist your body, while keeping your arms in front of you steady and locked in. Twist the body to one side, before returning to the centre and then twisting the other way.


Some may call you devoted, others may go as far as to say obsessive, either way you need an exercise routine you can stick to on a regular basis.

For this reason, I have put together something you can do first thing when you wake up before having a shower and heading off to work.

Half bridge: Start by sitting up with your legs stretched out on the bed in front of you and your hands on the bed behind you. Then lift your bum into the air and keep your head back so you are looking up at the ceiling, making a straight line with your body.

Hold this pose for 30 seconds before returning back to a seating position. Perform this three times before moving on to the next workout.

Straight leg raises: Lying down on the bed, have one knee bent and the foot on the ground, with the other straight and slightly elevated off the ground.

Lift the elevated leg up and down while keeping your core tight. Perform this ten times before then swapping legs. This should be done for three sets.

Side plank: Going onto your left side, straighten out your body and place your left forearm on the ground, lifting your body off the ground, so only your left foot and left forearm are touching the ground.

After completing 30 seconds, switch to the other side and finish the minute off. Perform this one three times.


Lively, brave and open to new activities and taking on new experiences, I want to throw you out of your comfort zone, give you some exercises that meet your passionate side.

Crunch and punch: This exercise can be performed with or without a dumbbell depending on your ability, which also allows you to progress as you improve.

As you crunch upwards, punch out in front of you with one arm, then lower yourself down and as you come back up, do a punch with the opposing arm.

Five punch KO: This one involves a bit of memory and learning the routine.

You start by making a jab with your left hand, then another jab with the left hand, a full right cross punch, a left uppercut and then a right uppercut.

You can then alternate these so they go the other way.

Squat and double punch: As the name suggest, perform a complete squat and when you are fully standing, swing with one arm and then the other, before repeating the exercise again.


Capricorns can have a tendency to get too focused on the little details, therefore I’m going to keep this workout simple.

Knee high raises: Push yourself and make sure your knees go very high and you don’t allow them to dip lower as you get tired.

This is a normal jog on the spot, but making sure your knees go almost your chest height.

You can hold an arm out in front of you at the right height, so you will softly touch it with your knee and ensure you are going high enough.

Side lunges: Great for your quads, hamstrings, glutes, hip and groin, side lunges are great for strengthening and toning.

With feet shoulder-width apart, step out to one side, as wide as possible. Drop your hips down and make sure to keep the other leg straight, you should feel a good stretch in your groin, before pushing back up and doing the same for the other leg.

Bulgarian split squat: This is a brutal one to finish off with.

With a bench or chair behind you, place on foot flat on the equipment and your hands on your hips.

Bend the knee down towards the ground, while the other knee goes 90 degrees, while keeping your back straight, then move back up again.

Perform 10 reps for each leg, for three sets.

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